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10 Website Layout Starter Templates


Includes 4 CMS master templates with unique layouts built on Bootstrap by Twitter framework.

  1. cms-bootstrap - Fixed width, centered on screen, fully responsive.
  2. cms-bootstrap2 - 100% full screen, fixed navigation bar, fully responsive.
  3. cms-bootstrap3 - 100% full screen, 2 column, fixed top nav bar, fully responsive.
  4. cms-bootstrap4 - Fixed width, centered on screen, fully responsive, fixed top nav on scroll.


Also includes 6 sample layout templates provided by bootstrap and ready to be converted to CMS master template.


  • Starter template

    A barebones HTML document with all the Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript included.

  • Basic marketing site

    Featuring a hero unit for a primary message and three supporting elements.

  • Fluid layout

    Uses our new responsive, fluid grid system to create a seamless liquid layout.

  • Narrow marketing

    Slim, lightweight marketing template for small projects or teams.

  • Alternate marketing

    compact, lightweight marketing template for products or services.

  • Carousel jumbotron

    A more interactive riff on the basic marketing site featuring a prominent carousel.

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