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CMS Suite v3 includes many "Built-In" SEO features that make optimizing your website for search engines simple and automatic.

SEO features include:

  1. Google/Search friendly URL's (automatic or custom).
  2. Dynamic page meta tags (automatic or custom).
  3. Dynamic XML sitemap. Click to view the built-in dynamic sitemap.xml - A dynamic sitemap helps insure your website updates are reflected in google search results. The built-in sitemap was created for Google using Sitemap Protocol 0.9 are therefore compatible with all other search engines.
  4. Canonical url pages to avoid duplicate URL of the same page/content (automatic or custom).
  5. Live html code editor for quick and easy on page optimization.
  6. Well structured code as per google requirements.
  7. Responsive and user friendly interface as required by google.
  8. Fast loading time of pages
  9. Navigation that is clearly visible and easy to use
  10. Use of breadcrumbs for easier and quicker content browsing
  11. Optimized titles, descriptions, h1-h3 texts
  12. Optimized images: alt attributes, image file names, text captions
  13. Socially sharable pages

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